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Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Benefits, TOP 5 Brand Review, Ingredients, Price, and Where to buy?

CBD – The History

The CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from the plants, Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa. Though cannabis, has connections rooted for 1000’s of years in the past, it was considered taboo to talk and use it in the modern world, till recent times. People have started to realize its medicinal benefits apart from being used and categorized merely as a recreational drug. While more research is on the go to clarify and prove the benefits reported anecdotally, there are some evidences that support that CBD can help with certain medical conditions.

CBD is available in the market in three forms.

CBD Isolate – The purest form of CBD without any other plant compounds or additives.

Broad Spectrum CBD – Contains several cannabis plant compounds, but is entirely free of THC.

Full Spectrum CBD – Contains several cannabis plant compounds, including THC up to 0.3%.

Though all the three forms are rich in medicinal benefits, most of the users prefer full spectrum CBD oil for its vital therapeutic benefits.

What does a Full Spectrum CBD mean?

You may still need clarity on what is meant by “Full Spectrum CBD Oil”. A full spectrum CBD oil is the oil extracted from the cannabis plant naturally. It contains CBD and other 100’s of cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and THC that are rich in anti inflammatory and anti anxiety properties. Full spectrum CBD oils are boosted up with compounds that help the body experience the ‘Entourage Effect’.

Other than these mentioned facts, an organic, premium full spectrum CDB oil is a breed apart due to the following qualities it possesses.

100 % Natural

Full spectrum CBD oil contains only natural compounds and not chemical concentrations. They contain health enhancing elements without the possibilities of harmful side effects.

Non Psychoactive

Though full spectrum CBD oil contains traces of THC, the level legally allowed – 0.3% is not enough to get you high and doesn’t produce psychoactive effects.

 Calms & Relaxes

No matter what your background is, challenges and constant pressure towards success can make us feel burdened. One among the best ways to defend ourselves is by using CBD products, as they induce calmness; get you in the relaxing mode and help you focus on tasks at hand and increase productivity.

Manages Pain

CBD closely works with the endocannabinoid system and helps you manage pain and promotes recovery. It works as a cost effective remedy that gives faster and longer lasting relief.

How do I know if my CBD oil is full spectrum?

Most of the users, struggle in finding out whether their CBD oil is full spectrum or not. Reading and understanding CBD product labels can be confusing and overwhelming if you are new to CBD. A study revealed that only 31% of companies label their products accurately. We have made it easier for you to identify a standard full spectrum CBD oil product, always check for the following before making a purchase.

The full spectrum CBD oil will have the under mentioned cannabinoids along with CBD and THC.

  • Cannabidiolic Acid – CBDA. A compound that changes into CBD when subjected to heat.
  • Cannabinol – CBN. A compound that has numerous health benefits.
  • Cannabigerol – CBG. A compound that magnifies the benefits of other cannabinoids.
  • Cannabichromene – CBC. A compound that interacts with the ECS and influences body processes. Helps in managing inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.
  • Cannabidivarin – CBDA. A compound that helps in managing seizures and neurological disorders and eliminates chemotherapy induced nausea.

How much full spectrum CBD oil do I need?

The Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in many variations. The amount of CBD the product contains ranges from 5 mg to 10000 mg.

Deciding on the right dosage purely depends on the person’s age, weight, their medical condition, and the potency of the CDB oil used. Always go by, this thumb rule, the amount of CBD mentioned on the label in milligrams is for the entire product, not the serving size, or the dose. Look out for indications such as milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). Normally it is advised to start with small doses for a week and you can gradually increase it to your desired level to have the right effect on your body and mind. There are dosage calculators available online, to help you with the servings, if not it is always better to have a discussion with your doctor and decide on the dosage levels.

What is the best full spectrum CBD brand?

A lot of confusion will come into play when you try to find out the best full spectrum CBD brand.

With so many brands on the UK market today, it is tough to identify, a single merchandise as the topper. In fact a brand that may create wonders for you may not work well or have less effect on another person. It all depends on the individual’s body condition. In order to make things easier for you, we have done the basic research for you to have an idea of the “Best Full Spectrum CBD Oils of 2021”, along with their price details.

The list was created keeping the following criteria’s in mind.

  • Product’s overall safety.
  • Recommendation and sale ratio.
  • Pricing
  • Lab results.
  • Professional Feedbacks and
  • Customer Reviews.

Top 5 CBD Companies of 2021

  1. JustCBD’s

This top ranking company is known for their CBD full spectrum tinctures and CBD gummies, have CBD oils ranging from 50 mg to 5000 mg. Customers recommended JustCBD’s delicious products like gummies, edibles, creams, bath bombs and pet treats as a great way to relax, nourish their bodies and minds. That’s the reason they are ranked no 1.

Few stats

Just CBD Full Spectrum Tincture

1000 mg per 30 ml bottle

£ 40.90

  1. CBD Pure Life

One of the top CBD suppliers of east England, this company offers customers a variety of products, including CBD cosmetics, gels, hemp-infused drinks, bath salts and full spectrum hemp CBD oil. They also sell full spectrum oil with MCT, a man made fat and another CBD product called Botanical Pharm – Full Spectrum CBD oil. All of their products contain no THC, which is appreciated by their ever growing patrons, helping them secure the 2nd place in the list.

Few stats

Botanical Farm Full Spectrum Tincture

1000 mg per 10 ml bottle

£ 30.00

  1. Hempura Original

Vegan friendly, and selling products made out of organic goods from European Union’s hemp farms, has secured 3rd place in the list for Britan’s Hempura. Their products area made without any meat, dairy or artificial flavorings and a transparent, clean extraction process has been a blessing, to this company. They cater a variety of goods from organic CBD oils to teas, capsules and chocolates. Hempura assures that its full spectrum tinctures come with 5mg of CBD per drop and guarantees 200 drops per bottle. It is comforting to know that they showcase their lab certificates for everything they produce and sell in their website and a shopper can also download the CBD related information guide to make a better choice.

Few stats

Hempura Original Full Spectrum CBD Oil

1000 mg per 10 ml bottle

£ 54.16

  1. Provocan

A modern company that relies on advanced extraction techniques is rising in popularity in the UK. Based in Israel, Provacan is run by a research scientist and doctor who specializes in cannabis. This company promises that they use only approved ingredients, follow the EU’s stringent agricultural food processing policies and maintain high standards from cultivation to distribution. Their openness and genuine products have secured them the 4th place in the list.

Few stats

Provacan CBD Oil Full Spectrum

1200 mg per 10 ml bottle

£ 69.99

  1. CBD Queen

Located in the south east of England, CBD queen the 5th company in our list claims that vegan friendly CBD enhances their user’s health and wellbeing. Their products are made of farm grown hemps cultivated in Colorado, USA and undergo rigorous testing protocols. Their signature product “CBD Queen’s Introduction Box”, comprising of five CBD items that include a balm, roll on, capsules, gumdrops, and oil is popular among their users. They cater full spectrum CBD oil with peppermint, natural and orange flavours.

Few stats

CBD Queen Full Spectrum CBD Oil

1000 mg per 10 ml bottle

£ 59.99

The Conclusion

Major studies have mentioned that CBD oil’s have an important role to play in controlling, managing and moderating multiple health and mental disorders in humans. We recommend you to discuss with your doctor before administering CBD oils into your health regime. Hope this article guides you to choose the best CBD oil according to your need and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.






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