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 Full Spectrum CBD Oil: Benefits, TOP 5 Brand Review, Ingredients, Price, and Where to buy?

CBD – The History

The CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from the plants, Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa. Though cannabis, has connections rooted for 1000’s of years in the past, it was considered taboo to talk and use it in the modern world, till recent times. People have started to realise its medicinal benefits apart from being used and catogorised merely as a recreational drug. While more research is on the go to clarify and prove the benefits reported anecdotally, there are some evidences that support that CBD can help with certain medical conditions.

CBD is available in the market in three forms. The difference in the forms is based on the contents in each.

CBD Isolate – The purest form of CBD without any other plant compounds or additives. It is in the crystal form and most commonly available as powder. It is otherwise known as CBD crystals. This form of CBD is more suitable for people who want to try CBD for the first time. CBD isolate is the most refined form and doesn’t have any identifiable taste or odor.

Broad Spectrum CBD – Contains several cannabis plant compounds, but is entirely free of THC. Broad spectrum CBD works pretty much better than CBD isolate as it has these additional compounds, based on entourage effect.

Full Spectrum CBD – Contains several cannabis plant compounds, essential oils like cocounut oil, olive oil, terpenes and cannabinoid including THC up to 0.3%.

Small traces of THC may not have any psychoactive  effects on health. Since it contains other plant compounds, it is more powerful than pure CBD because of the entourage effect, as per research. It works more effectively for pain than CBD isolate as it contains CBD and minor traces of THC. Also it is more natural than CBD isolate as it is not processed hugely like CBD isolate.

Though all the three forms are rich in medicinal benefits, most of the users prefer full spectrum CBD oil for its vital therapeutic benefits.

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The purest form of CBD without any other plant compounds or additives

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