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How To Use CBD Oil For Pain

Today, most people suffer from constant pain due to physical and mental ailments. Traditionally, we have treated them through painkillers and other drugs, all with the cost of adverse side effects. People have started to realize that these Opioid based painkillers are not a permanent solution and they have started to move towards natural, harmless and effective solutions such as CBD.

CBD, a natural compound extracted from the cannabis sativa plant complements pain care plan for people. CBD helps in reducing pain and inflammation due to arthritis. Research also shows that CBD inhibits inflammation and neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain occurs due to the damage of nerves. It is common in diseases like multiple sclerosis, injuries and infections like shingles. To sum up CBD oil acts as a potentially promising and a versatile medicine that helps in treating patients with chronic pain, inflammation and improving sleep. It has minimal side effects, low-risk and zero addiction profile.

Scientists are still working on the ways in which CBD can be used to relieve pain and other related disorders.

We also have to understand that not all pains can be treated in the same way. People are different and their conditions related to pain are different.   

Selecting a CBD product depends on the following factors:

  • The pain that one experiences
  • The effect one looks for (quick relief or long lasting cure)

Choice of administering the medicine (oral application or as an intake)

Basically, the pain falls under three categories

  • Neurotic – Nervous System
  • Nociceptive – Tissue Damage and
  • General – Stems from Neurological Dysfunction

Studies have stated that CBD is helpful in alleviating pain related to

  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Huntington’s Disease
  • Cancer Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis

    CBD Dosage Levels!

Dosage levels are a vital factor when administering medications. If you need the right effect, the right dosage level is a must. Typically, when starting your CBD oil therapy for pain relief it is always best, to begin with, a low dosage and a low strength oil ranging from 2 to 5 milligrams a day and you can slowly increase the levels until you reach the desired results. 

Normally a person’s body weight and the strength of the CBD in the product play an important role in fixing the dosage levels. 

  • Low Strength – 1mg CBD per 10 pounds
  • Medium Strength – 3mg CBD per 10 pounds
  • High Strength – 6mg CBD per 10 pounds 

*Note – This measurement is in pure CBD and not CBD oil.

Various factors that decide an ideal dose are

  • Your size and weight
  • Your level of CBD tolerance
  • Severity of your health condition
  • Your body’s chemistry and
  • The potency of the CBD product used

Dosage for Anxiety

The effective dose of CBD oil for anxiety ranges between moderate to heavy spectrum range. However, people who are new or sensitive to CBD may start with a small dose and gradually increase the levels. For better results take CBD in the morning and repeat around lunchtime. People also administer a mild dosage before 30 to 60 minutes before engaging in anxiety-triggering activities. 

Dosage for Pain

Dosage related to pain is co-related with its intensity. Hence it varies significantly. For mild pains such as initial level arthritis pain, mild premenstrual stress, pain, or mild low back pain a moderate dose of CBD will do the job. In case if you experience severe pains similar to nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, or cancer-related pain you can opt for a heavy dose of CBD.  Another notable factor is some people experience the painkilling effects immediately and others may have to take the CBD oil regularly for a few days or weeks to notice improvements. 

Dosage for Sleep

CBD oil has proven records to improve the quality and duration of the people affected by sleep-related issues. In case if you are opting for CBD as a choice to improve your sleep quality all you have to do is aim for a heavy dose of CBD oil. On average 20 mg or higher can help you reach the sedative effect.

Dosage for Depression

CBD helps positively in managing symptoms related to mood disorders including depression. Administering the right dosage for depression may be a bit tricky and the symptoms will not disappear overnight. It can take weeks or months, along with lifestyle modifications to experience improvements. So be patient and slowly work on the dosage levels until they produce the desired results. 

General dosage recommendation chart as per the health condition

Low to Medium Strength

  • Weight Loss – PCOS – Nausea – Muscle Recovery – General Health.

Medium to High Strength

  • Anxiety – Arthritis – Chronic Pain – Colitis – IBD – High Blood Pressure – PMS – Insomnia.

High to Pharmaceutical Grade

  • Cancer – Epilepsy.

The Conclusion

Another important fact to note is improvement in the health condition is purely dependent on the person’s body condition. Certain people experience the painkilling benefits immediately and others need to take the CBD oil regularly for a few days, weeks, or few months to notice improvements. It is always suggested to discuss with your doctor to plan a dosage schedule based on your individual health condition.

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