Does CBD Oil Expire?


All good things come to us with a limited time period and CBD oil is not an exception.

 We know that you wish to make that precious oil last as long as possible, if you are using it sparely, a few drops a week or month, or living in a place where access to the CBD is hard. You may even opt to buy in bulk to avoid scarcity, but confusion with the shelf life may hold you back.

This article will share information on questions you asked yourself related to CBD oil’s expiry date and ways to extend its shelf life. 

CBD Oil’s Shelf Life

 Genuine and high quality CBD oil’s shelf life ranges between one to two years, and the way it is stored decides its longevity.  The factors that decide the CBD oil’s shelf life are as follows,

Quality – As we generally know, products with high quality ingredients last longer. Growing conditions of the plants, the soil quality, processing protocols, and quality packing decides the life span of the CBD oil.

Ingredients – The ingredients use to make the complete product has a shelf life of their own; this can influence the potency of the CBD oil. So while making a purchase spare time to read the labels and certificate of Analysis (COA).

Extraction Method – There are other methods of extraction, but the carbon dioxide method of extraction is termed to be the gold standard. It maximizes the level of CBD and other cannabinoids and keeps the compounds stay stable present in the full or broad spectrum CBD oil.  

Packaging – Oil’s that reach you in amber bottles are not just for the looks. Any oil or medicine lasts longer in dark coloured, air tight glass containers. These bottles if rightly packed will protect the oil from exposure to air, sunlight, bacteria, and other infections.

 Storage – Proper storage helps to maintain a high shelf life. Studies prove that heat and light accelerate CBD’s expiry. If storage is done under ideal conditions, it can help preserve the oil’s potency, freshness, and life span longer.

CBD Carrier Oils and their Life Span

Another important factor that decides the life span of CBD oil is its carrier oils. Different brands use different carrier oils and without knowing about its details, the life span of CBD oil cannot be derived. Oils used in the blending process comprise of triglycerides that is formed when three fatty acids and glycerol bond. Good carrier oil increases the shelf life. For instance, MCT oils, have a longer shelf life when compared with other carrier oils like hemp seed oil. 

Carrier Oils and Their Expiry Date

 Olive Oil –Olive oil consist’s of long chain triglycerides that take a longer time breaking down into the system compared to other triglycerides. Normally the shelf life of olive oil ranges from 1.4 years to 2 years.

Hemp Seed Oil – Hemp seed oil consists of eight triglycerides that are different. The most dominant is known as Trilinoleoyl-Glycerol, an LCT duplicating olive oil. The shelf life of hemp seed oil is just 6 months and that’s the reason for most genuine brands to not opt it as carrier oil.

MCT Oil – Medium Chain Triglycerides, also known as MCT is better than LCT’s. They break with ease during the digestion process. Coconut and palm oils fall into this category. Coconut oil is preferred by most of the brands for its longer shelf life of 2+ years, if stored right.

Indicators of Expiration

Funky Smell – CBD oil should smell earthy and unpleasant by any means.

Thick and Murky – Extreme thickness and darkness are signs of expiry. The oil should be in its natural viscosity and colour. 

Rancid Taste – CBD naturally tastes nutty, grassy, or earthy, unless it is artificially flavoured. Expired CBD oil will taste rancid.

Will Expired CBD get Lethal?


Expired CBD won’t get you sick or cause death. In truth CBD over time begins to degrade and lose its potency. In case if you use expired CBD oil, you will not get its therapeutic benefits and it will find its way by itself to get out of your system.

Storage Tips

  • CBD oil is sensitive to light, oxygen, temperature, and sunlight; ensure to store it in a place that is free from these elements.
  • Keep the CBD oil in its original medical grade packing.
  • Store the oil at room temperature – 60 to 70 °F.
  • Never refrigerate CBD oils.
  • Use a clean dropper or spoon every time to avoid bacterial infections and prevent other contaminants.
  • Always close the bottle properly to avoid oxidation.

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