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CBD Oil and Dog Seizures

Dogs and seizures are almost inseparable. Every dog experiences seizures at least once in its lifetime and 5% of the dog population suffer from this condition all over the world. In the UK alone, an estimated 600,000 canines, suffer from seizures and epilepsy. CBD has delivered promising results in treating seizures and epilepsy. It will be no wonder that you will stumble across a wide range of CBD products for dogs in the UK while browsing the internet.   

In this article, we shall look closely at the benefits that CBD can offer for dog seizures and safety measures you should know before you start introducing CBD to your furry friends. 

What is CBD?

CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant contains cannabinoids that are associated with many medicinal benefits including pain relief, seizures, and epilepsy for all mammals including humans and dogs without giving a high as it has very low or nil traces of THC, the compound that causes psychotropic side effects.          

What is Canine CBD?

Canine CBD oils or treats contain the same quality of CBD similar to the ones created for humans. The main difference is in the concentration levels of CBD and the amount of THC involved in the product. Pets, especially dogs, are sensitive and cannot withstand THC that produces a high. So, extreme care should be taken while introducing CBD into their health plans, and make sure that you don’t administer CBD products made for humans as they may create adverse effects.  

Why People Prefer CBD for Treating Seizures?

Dogs, like humans, have an endocannabinoid system that allows cannabinoids like CBD to interact with its body and maintain a balanced internal and external system. Most dogs with seizures are given drugs like Phenobarbital, Diazepam, Anticonvulsant drugs, and potassium bromide to control seizures and epilepsy. It is true that these drugs help in controlling them, but they create side effects by harming the liver and other internal organs of your dog. CBD on the other hand is completely safe, natural, and does not produce adverse side effects even when administered for a long term.

How Effective is CBD at Treating Seizures in Dogs?

CBD when introduced into the dog’s system works closely with the CB1 receptors and helps them to control, slow down and reduce the seizure outbreaks effectively. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are responsible for regulating your dog’s homeostasis.  There are various studies and clinical trials that were conducted with the aim to find out the impact of CBD on dogs with epilepsy and seizures. It was found out that the dogs administered with CBD in their system were able to cope up with seizures better than the other dogs. About 90% of the dogs receiving CBD had a reduction in the occurrence of seizures.  In fact, it is claimed that CBD can reduce the occurrence of seizures when administered regularly. Though there are no concrete proofs so far, verdicts from parents and veterinary doctors have confirmed that though CBD cannot be an absolute cure for epilepsy and seizures in dogs, its impact in controlling the symptoms are visible and make the pet’s life easier.

Where to Buy Safe Dog CBD Products?

If you are in search of CBD products for dogs in the UK, we recommend checking online. Before visiting a physical store, do your research on what kind of dog CBD products are available in the UK.  Right from oils, treats, capsules, honey with CBD,  topical hemp CBD creams, and canned foods a variety of CBD dog products are sold in the market. Based upon your dog’s health condition, need, and preferences you can opt for the best product that suits the need. Always make sure to opt for brands with good reputations and reviews.

Some of the effective and trustworthy dog products available in the UK market are,

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  The Takeaway

The CBD pet market is a rapidly growing market and regulations are at their early stage. Though there are great products available out there, extra care should be invested to stop being bamboozled. In case if you are planning to choose CBD oils and other products as an alternative medication, it will be safer to make a decision after discussion with your vet and design a dosage plan.  

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