6 Best Cheap CBD Oils Of 2021

Cannabidiol, which is massively popular in the recent years can easily end up in your post workout smoothie or your morning coffee. These days you even get a CBD infused sports bra. But a little is known about it among the people. What is CBD? CBD, an essential component of medical marijuana is one of the hundreds of compounds found in the hemp plant. It does not create any ‘high’ by itself as it is rumored to be. As per WHO reports, CBD oil does not create any dependence potential in humans. Also, there is no proof of public health related problems arising due to the usage of pure CBD oil. CBD oil is made by extracting, filtering, and purifying these compounds. This refined version of the oil is further mixed with carrier oils like coconut, olive or hemp seed oils. It is used for a wide variety of purposes like treating anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and addiction as per research. Based on their quality, they are graded, marketed, and delivered to satisfy your unique requirements. The market has everything you demand, there are strong CBD oils, Elite CBD oils, and of course affordable CBD oils. It is primarily marketed as a supplement and not a medication. All you have to be aware of is to pay attention to what you intend to buy. 

The Truth

The CBD oil market is on its expansion phase. There are thousand’s of CBD products floating around the market. But not all of them are manufactured equally. Though there are governing bodies to approve and regulate CBD products the market is still cluttered with second grade products and these vary in the effectiveness, safety, and quality they can offer. Some CBD oils have unknown elements added in them. One cannot be sure if the product you buy has the active ingredients in doses listed on the label.

This article will help you identify inexpensive CBD oils that are safe and deliver as expected.

How to Buy Cheap CBD Oils?

 Normally the price varies from one brand to another. CBD falls mostly on the expensive side when it comes to natural health supplements. The reason being complexity involved in the making process, time, and money is also the other deciding factors.  However, this doesn’t mean that there are no affordable CBD oils with high quality grade in the market.  The most important thumb rule is when shopping for cheap CBD oil; you should do your research vigilantly.

  • Check why your oil is more affordable than others.
  • Check if it is less potent.
  • Check if the company is pinching pennies at important areas to provide at a low cost.
  • Research the Background of the company

Read Labels

Reading the product labels shall give you a clear picture of the product you are dealing with. Check out the labels for the following details.

CBD Type

Full-spectrum CBD has great therapeutic benefits than the broad-spectrum or isolate. The entourage effect created by the cannabinoids, terpenoids and brain receptors is decided by the quality and amount of CBD and THC in the oil.

Third Party Test Results

Since CBD products are not regulated safety on over the counter CBD oils is not guaranteed. So companies will normally attach an up to date Certificate of Analysis – COA, along with their products. If CBD oil doesn’t come up with a COA, it is better to avoid it.


A transparent approach about the ingredients used in the product like the source of the hemp, type of carrier oil used, and flavouring details is a good sign.

Each product featured in this article has been reviewed and independently selected. If you make a purchase through the links included, we may earn a commission.

The 6 Best Cheap CBD Oils of 2021

To make it easy for you, we have listed the six best cheap CBD oils available in the market. The list is created based on the user reviews, company’s certifications and manufacturing process, Product potency, the quality of ingredients used and the pricing.

Gold Bee

The gold bee CBD oil is made out of the whole hemp plant that falls into the full spectrum category topped up with the needed Vitamins. Gold bee is not only the cheapest CBD oil, but also one of the best tasting (Honey Flavour) products available in the market. 


  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic Hemp
  • Co2 Extraction
  • Up to 40mg CBD per ml
  • Price – $0.09 per mg

Know more at goldbee.com

Royal CBD

Royal CBD is known for its quality, potency, and cheaply priced CBD products in today’s market. The brand caters CBD concentrations that ranges from 250 mg to 2500 mg. Positive reviews from regular users has helped the brand to be recognized as one among the best.


  • Organic Hemp
  • Co2 Extraction
  • Full Spectrum
  • Up to 83.3 mg per ml
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Price – $0.19 per mg

 Know more at royalcbd.com


CBDistillery, one of the largest CBD suppliers in North America caters affordable products as per the requirements of different customers. A vast potency range, different CBD products and cheap pricing makes it one of the people’s favourite companies. The brand caters CBD concentrations ranging from 250 mg to 5000 mg.


  • Non GMO Hemp
  • Co2 Extraction
  • Full and Broad Spectrum
  • Up to 166.6 mg per ml
  • Price – $0.06 per mg

Know more at thecbdistillery.com

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs markets one of the purest CBD available in the market, so it won’t be similar to the normal CBD oils. Its oils are extracted from organically grown hemp and are free of harmful pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.


  • Pure CBD
  • Tasty Flavours
  • Co2 Extraction
  • Up to 133.3 mg per ml
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Price – $0.03 per mg

Know more at https://hempbombs.com/


Elixinol is one of the cheaply priced full-spectrum CBD oil that offers the entourage effect. CO2 extraction, MCT grade carrier oil, dropper with accurate measurement marks and positive reviews from customers are the strengths of this brand.


  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Tasty Flavours
  • Co2 Extraction
  • Up to 166.6 mg per ml
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Price – $0.08 per mg

Know more at elixinol.com


Zatural offers one of the affordable broad-spectrum CBD oil brand that is made from US grown hemp. It has nil or below 0.3% of THC traces. It offers a wide variety of products with an array on mg variants.


  • Broad Spectrum
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Price – $0.10 per mg
  • 60 Days Return Policy

Know more at zatural.com

The Takeaway

Research on CBD’s potency in offering health benefits is promising so far. The only disadvantage is the lack of proper regulations and governing bodies. So always do your research first before opting for a cheaply priced brand and do consult your doctor before adding CBD oils and products into your health regime.

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